This post is meant to address the huge performance loss that can occur from the misalignment of a partition on a Solid State Drive, and how you can fix it.

Some months ago, I bought a Solid State Drive (OCZ Agility4 256GB to be exact) with the intention of using it for my operating system and everyday applications.  I wanted to transfer my existing Windows 7 install to the new drive, so my initial instinct was to clone the partition to the SSD rather than creating a new partition, installing a fresh copy of Windows 7, and enduring the long task of reinstalling all the software I need.  After some light research I found a lot of people saying that this was either downright impossible, or would horribly ruin the performance of my SSD.  I really did not want to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 so I went against the grain and decided to clone the partition anyway.

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