About Me
Dennis Robinson

Professional Game and Web Programmer, currently developing a commercial Content Management System product scehduled for release in early 2019. I am a Member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve specializing as an Armoured Reconnaissance Soldier. I have extensive experience in game, web, and application development and I am proficient in many tasks such as UI integration, application architecture, database design, and network programming.



Generalist Programmer

I had the privilege of working with Dennis on For Honor at Ubisoft Montreal. Dennis is a fantastic individual and talented programmer. He excels in applying his knowledge of C++ to help the team and more junior developers. His ability to write high quality, maintainable code made my job as his peer a breeze. I would recommend Dennis for a broad range of programming challenges, without hesitation.
Jared Thomson, Generalist Programmer

Senior Web Application & Games Developer

Fuel Industries
I have worked with Dennis in implementing complex systems within our existing server/client framework. I think that Dennis excels at building out these complex systems with a degree of simplicity and extensibility that makes the software easier to implement and maintain in future revisions. When problems and bugs arise Dennis is able to drive to the root of the problem and offer intelligent, long-lasting solutions to avoid similar issues down the road.
Robb Corbett, Web Developer

Web Application & Games Developer

Fuel Industries
While at Fuel Industries I worked with Dennis on internal libraries used by the rest of the rich interactive team. During short periods of downtime between projects Dennis was able to make incremental improvements to the library. Dennis posses a strong understanding of technical architectural and is capable of designing clean, scalable solutions to complex challenges.
Mike Baker, Playground Director (R&D)

Game Programmer

Crowdwave Games
Dennis was responsible for developing our 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Play Off game for the Washington Capitals. Working directly with Dennis to outline and construct the game play mechanics was a distinct pleasure. His is clearly passionate about gaming, and worked hard to find code solutions that elevated the project to it's highest game play potential. Dennis was a definite asset to our team, and I hope to have occasion to work with him again.

Toma Feizo Gas, Creative Director
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